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Dare and Cisco, our newest Mini Ambassadors, are twin miniature paint horses. If you look closely, you can tell them apart by the lines on their noses! Cisco has a thick stripe down his nose. Cisco also has a "C" marking on his right side. Both of them have been trained to pull a cart, but are now learning their indoor manners so that they will be ready to visit schools and nursing homes. Their job will be to bring the message of therapeutic horsemanship to places where our full-sized horses cannot visit.

Unlike his twin, Cisco is focusing on his job rather than his love life. He is a complete pro at pulling a cart and will be the first Miniature Horse to be working in the Carriage Driving program. His job will be to help his driver to learn valuable skills and confidence in focus, sequencing, and voice control. His calm personality is a great fit for this role.

Cisco Driving 2        Dare  and Cisco