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Cisco and Dare, our newest Mini Ambassadors, are twin miniature paint horses. If you look closely, you can tell them apart! Dare has a spot in the shape of a "D" on his left side. Both of them have learned the art of pulling a cart, but are now learning their indoor manners so they will be ready to visit schools and nursing homes. Their job will be to bring the message of therapeutic horsemanship to places where our full-sized horses cannot visit.

Dare is definitely the boss of the two and is the most outgoing and friendly of the entire mini herd. He had been competing with Tex, our first male Mini, for the affection of the sweet Sugar, the only lady in the group. Unfortunately, no matter how much Dare has been showing off, Sugar has remained true to Tex. If you are looking to adopt a lovesick horse, Dare is your man. We are sure your love will help him get over his recent heartbreak. That, and a few peppermints should do the trick!

Dare Driving 2        Dare  and Cisco