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Henry and Amy Winning

Henry is a registered Quarter Horse gelding who was born on March 22, 2006. His registered name is Zipvitation. Henry came to Equest when he was only 2! From the beginning, Equest knew he would be an amazing therapy horse. He is a very versatile, young athlete who excels in English, Western, Showmanship, and Jumping. Henry’s versatility allows him to be the all-around go-to horse for many of our riders. His friendliness, laid back personality and can-do attitude enable his riders to gain the confidence they need to excel in such a difficult sport.


Henry may have the reputation as the hard worker in all of his classes, but during his down time he is a complete goofball! Every year around October when the Equest staff and volunteers are preparing for Ridefest, he and his friend, Amigo, like to “re-arrange” the Ridefest decorations in the pasture. Henry is very playful and takes full advantage of any free time he can get! He is very loving to all of his riders and enjoys being as close to them as he can possibly get, even if it means stepping on their heels.


Henry Sticking Out Tongue