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Babe is one of our more business-like horses. She takes her job very seriously and doesn’t go much in for cuddling or playtime. She loves to be on the job, working with the clients. In fact, Babe is the ultimate therapy horse here at Equest. Don’t let her big belly fool you – this little lady is an all-around athlete, assisting our clients in Carriage Driving, Hippotherapy and in Sports Riding. She is always patient and kind with all of the riders and volunteers at Equest, and everyone knows that there is no job that Babe can’t handle.

Christian Cervacism-Ramos and Babe

One very unique trait that Babe possesses is a rotational movement in her gait. Most horses trot bounces a rider in an up and down motion. Babe’s natural gait rolls the hips of her riders in a circular movement rather than the typical vertical. This special movement allows our clients with physical disabilities to ride for extended periods at the trot without the usual fatigue. For a rider like Lauren, who has both cognitive and physical struggles, Babe’s gait doesn’t overstimulate her senses and allows her to ride for longer, ultimately building strength and balance more rapidly.