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Elizabeth Heckman and Jax

Jax is a great all-around therapy horse. He is a registered Quarter Horse with the given name of Glo's Black Jack. A former show horse, Jax has developed a reputation as a top-notch therapy horse during the two years he has been at Equest. He has an extremely calm demeanor and a can-do attitude that makes him a match for very active riders who tend to move about while mounted. Many horses become confused and frustrated with so much activity on their backs, but Jax seems to be able to sense which cues are meant for him, and calmly ignores any involuntary kicks or sounds. He is uncanny in his ablility to help his riders to control their bodies and gives them confidence that translates to the human world.

Recently, our rider, Eric, had to switch his horse at Equest. His long-time mount was being given a few days off to rest. Eric is an adult rider who is on the Autism Spectrum, and change can present a challenge. No other horse gave him the same level of security as Jax did. Immediately, Eric was able to bond with Jax and continue riding in lessons with no set backs whatsoever. According to Eric, he likes Jax because his black color reminds him of Zorro’s horse. If he could, Jax would probably quote a famous phrase from Zorro. When asked if he was looking for something, Zorro says, “A sense of the miraculous in everyday life.” Clearly, Jax is definitely the right horse for Zorro – and for Eric!

Jax and Veteran