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Benefits of Equine Therapy

Therapy Programs

Our clients are achieving what they previously were told was impossible. They are learning to walk, to move, to connect. Research shows the therapeutic benefits from riding and interacting with a horse consistently provides improvement in these areas:

  • Physical:  The horse rhythmically and naturally moves the body in a manner similar to the human gait, improving posture, balance and muscle control. In addition, equine-assisted therapy provides cardiovascular benefits.
  • Psychosocially:  Equine-assisted therapy increases concentration, improves sequential thought processing, increases rider's ability to articulate emotions, develop spatial awareness/orientation and expanding their esteem, awareness and self-discipline.
  • Life Skills:  The benefits of riding can influence daily living skills, foster independence and consistently improve peer-to-peer and family relationships resulting in increased socialization and participation at home and school.

Equest provides equine assisted therapy to more than 200 riders with physical, cognitive and/or emotional disabilities every week, challenging them to achieve their maximum potential for independence.