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AHA Workshops

There are currently no AHA Workshops scheduled. Please check back soon.

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Who can attend this course?

Adaptive riding instructors, horse handlers, administrators, and others interested in HPOT principles are welcome to attend, teamed with their therapist.

Licensed speech, physical, and occupational therapists and assistants (PTA, COTA, and SLPA’s) are eligible to attend this course.


Building on these equine skills, the participant will explore the dynamic system of therapist, patient, horse handler, and horse as is applied with P.T./O.T.


Topics include:

  • Recognizing desirable conformation, soundness, and movement qualities of the therapy horse

  • Training, conditioning, and monitoring of the therapy horse

  • Understanding optimization of the therapy horse for a patient treatment

  • Safety principles for the therapy horse and environment

  • Educate and train staff and volunteers who will be working with the therapy horse

  • Maintain a safe, effective, and successful clinic program

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