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Did you know that our 36 horses require:

  • Farrier services every six weeks - it costs about $80 per set of front shoes per horse. That's over $23,000 per year just for shoes!
  • A horse drinks five to 10 gallons of water per day. That's between 180 and 360 gallons of water per day for our therapy herd - even more in the summer!
  • Many of our therapy horses need additional supplements to keep them strong and in tip-top shape. Their supplements average about $35 per month per horse - that's $420 per horse each year!

Your contributions to the Carrot Club help us offset the cost of maintaining a healthy herd, which in turn, let's us allocate more money to client scholarships and services.


Carrot Club donations presented at Equest special events = Prizes!

Bring your Carrot Club donation to the Spring Horse Show, Ridefest, Jingle & Mingle or Special Olympics, and go home with Carrot Club love in your heart and something special from Equest.

$25 donation: Your name on one horse's carrot

$50 donation: Your name on two horses' carrots

$100 donation: Your name on four horses' carrots

$250 donation: Your name on 10 horses' carrots

$500 donation: Your name on 20 horses' carrots

$1,000 donation: Your name on all of the carrots

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The Carrot Club contributes to the health and happiness of our special therapy horses, and all money raised will go directly to horse care.

With each level of giving, your name will be added to the carrot of your favorite horse displayed in the barn. Individuals, families, school or scout groups, clubs and organizations are all welcome to participate!

Each year, during our program special events like the Spring Horse Show, Ridefest, Jingle & Mingle, and Special Olympics, attendees who make a Carrot Club contribution will be awarded prizes based on their level of support.

How does it work?

Carrot Club donations can be made year-round. Each gift is acknowledged by placing the giver’s name on the carrot(s) that represents their favorite horse(s) for one year. 

  1. Make a donation online via this link.
  2. Be sure to check the boxes of the horses* whose carrots you would like your name, your organization's name, or your memorial/honorarium donation to appear on.
  3. An Equest staff member will put your name on the appropriate carrots within one week of the donation.
  4. Find your name on the carrot! 

If you make your donation during one of Equest's special program events, you'll also be awarded Carrot Club swag based on your donation level.

*Every $25 donation gets your name on one horse's carrot

The Carrot Club is a wonderful way to honor a friend, child, client in the program, volunteer, or to enjoy yourself. It provides great joy to someone when they see their name on a carrot! It is also fun for children who are learning the art of giving. The money they donate (individually or as part of a class or scout group) to the Carrot Club can be designated to one or more horses, and they get to see their name on the horse’s carrot in the barn. Ways to “earn” money might include:

  • Saving part of their allowance
  • Earning chore money
  • Proceeds from lemonade or cookie sales
  • Reading a certain amount or making good grades