Equest's Carrot Club

Summer Reading Program

School is out but reading is always in - especially when it helps our horses! We invite you to join our new program: Equest's Carrot Club Reading Program.

As part of the Equest Carrot Club, we have launched a new summer reading program that will help raise funds for horse care at Equest while enhancing your literacy skills! This is a fun, simple way to engage in reading, while giving back to your favorite horse at Equest. 
Here’s how it works: 

  1. Ask family and friends to sponsor your reading progress. For example, your Uncle Ed pledges to pay $5.00 for every book you complete. Or, your grandma pledges $1 for every hour you read. Or, your neighbor pledges $0.25 for every page you read.
  2. Pick your book(s).
  3. Read! 
  4. Track your reading progress by the number of books, pages, or hours of reading completed. You can use our handy dandy reading tracker available hereYou are free to pick your reading value levels!
  5. Complete your reading tracker (available here) as you read, and collect the money your sponsors pledged at the end of each month.
  6. Turn in your tracking sheet and donations to Equest by dropping off in-person at 811 Pemberton Hill Road, Building 4, Dallas 75217 or by mailing to PO Box 171779, Dallas 75217. Please include the name of the horse(s) whose carrot you would like your name to appear.

We will then place your name on the horse's carrot that you selected!
We appreciate your support! Have fun reading all summer!