Joe's Story

Joe came to Equest five months ago, after spending 20 years as an Army M1 Abrams Armor Crewman. Joe received traditional therapy provided by the VA upon his return. Joe struggled with the real life application of what he was learning at the VA. 

"When your counselor teaches you to be calm, those are things that you just discuss, and they're very cognitive," said Joe of traditional therapy. When Joe heard about Equest's Hooves for Heroes program he was reluctant to try equine therapy admitting he thought it was "all smoke and mirrors."

After a few sessions with Hooves for Heroes and his therapy horse, Mac, Joe said, "When you're with a horse, a counselor, and a trainer, and they teach you how to try to be calm, the lasting effect of the strategy is imprinted significantly more."

"When you give to this organization with time or financially, you are directly impacting the mental health of veterans in a positive, tangible and timely manner," said Joe.

CJ Bankhead