Nancy's Story

Nancy on Babe at Equest's 2012 Gala

Nancy on Babe at Equest's 2012 Gala

Nancy Appelman joined Equest in 1996 when she was six-years-old. She participates in hippotherapy and sports riding to help her Cerebral Palsy. Nancy has competed in the Chisholm Challenge and Special Olympics, receiving a silver medal in the regional games at the latter show. She loves to rename the horses she rides and fit their verbal cues to their names. For instance, she has renamed Peterbilt to Peter Pan, and asks him to, "Fly on, Peter Pan!" when cuing him to walk on. While Amigo's cue to walk on is, "Vaminos, Amigo!"

I am able to sit tall in the saddle; I have come a long way with the care, understanding, and love of a barn full of horses and people who believe in me. I know that I walk differently than most, but some can see way beyond that. Take that horse standing over there. Max sees way beyond my disability. Max sees me. That’s a gift, his and mine.
— Nancy Appelman

Nancy's story appeared in Equest's 2012-13 Annual Report

CJ Bankhead