Sabrina's Story

Sabrina and Equest Therapy Horse Amigo

Sabrina and Equest Therapy Horse Amigo

Sabrina has been riding at Equest since 1995. Her early riding experience at Equest has helped lay a foundation for Sabrina's success today. After learning how gentle yet strong a large horse can be, she was challenged by her instructors and volunteers to take on the responsibility of getting her horse ready for class and settling him in his stall after class, and to push herself to gain new riding skills. The goal-setting and time management skills required to master routines established by the Equest staff and volunteers are a fundamental part of Sabrina's success in her everyday life.

Sabrina is a team member on the cafeteria staff at a large high school in Garland, Texas. She is the only employees with a disability at the school. During her seven years of working, she has used the public transportation system to get to and from work daily. She remembers her route and schedule. She completes her job in the dish room then helps other employees set up the cafeteria for the next day of food service.

Sabrina is a young adult who is handling social, education, and vocational challenges. She was chosen to be an ambassador for Equest in volunteer training and community outreach. Thanks to the support of the people and programs at Equest, she is prepared to take on these exciting and rewarding responsibilities, and to step up to new challenges with enthusiasm and confidence. 

Sabrina's story appeared in Equest's 2012-13 Annual Report

CJ Bankhead