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Sarina Dalton

Instructor, Horse Show Coordinator

(972) 412-1099, ext. 202

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Sarina grew up in Janesville Wisconsin, where she began horse riding at the age of 8 years old. She adopted her first horse at the age of 11 and mowed lawns, shoveled snow, and raked leaves to pay for all the fees that come with having a horse. Later, at the age of 15, she bought a new horse and began competing at pleasure shows through the IBHA and ABRA organizations. She also began giving riding lessons with her horse to a young boy with autism and volunteering at a center near her. Sarina knew she absolutely loved giving riding lessons to this little boy and wanted to make this her career. She attended the University of Wisconsin Rock County for the fall semester of 2018, where she began her general studies. During her studies, she still had this eagerness to become a certified PATH Instructor. While doing some research she came across Equest and their Instructor training course. She began the ITC course in January of 2019 and finished in March, where she received her certificate as a PATH Registered Instructor at the age of 19. After completing her certification, she traveled back home to Wisconsin where she began her job search and applications, which included Equest. Only being home for 4 weeks, she was back on the road back to Texas to start her new job as the Horse Show Coordinator and Therapeutic Riding Instructor at Equest. She now has her Advanced Certification and is working on her ESMHL certification.

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