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Kirsten Cozart headshot.jpg

kirsten cozart

Instructor, Education Coordinator

(972) 412-1099, ext. 216

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Kirsten Cozart grew up in Dallas Texas and has always had a love for animals, especially horses. At the age of 5, Kirsten started taking riding lessons. Her parents thought it was just a phase, but little did they know she would never give it up. In high school, Kirsten had her first horse that was “hers”; a feisty little Arabian mare named Ayesha. Ayesha was the reason that Kirsten learned about training and competing with an inexperienced horse. Together they competed in the jumper and eventing rings in the DFW area. During her senior year of high school, Kirsten interned at Equest as part of a school program to prepare students for potential careers. These experiences enabled Kirsten to have the skills needed to become a horse trainer and riding instructor in Waco throughout college. After she graduated from Texas Tech in Waco, Kirsten decided to pursue a career in Equine Assisted Horsemanship and attend Equest’s Instructor Training Course. Shortly after she became a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor through PATH Intl. and began working full-time here at Equest. She is currently in the process of acquiring her ESMHL certification as well. Kirsten loves her job and is passionate about helping her students reach their highest potential while having lots of fun! One of her favorite things to do with her current horse, Chip, is to go on long trail rides through the forest or fly over cross-country jumps. 

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