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Michaela McKinney

Instructor, Equipment Coordinator

(972) 412-1099, ext. 206

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Michaela has always had a love for horses and individuals with disabilities but never dreamed of the two passions intersecting. At the age of 9 she got her first horse which sparked her love of them but at 13 she tragically lost two family members which caused her to inherit her aunt’s horse. She never intended on keeping the horse but after spending 2 years training him from the ground up, she easily fell in love with him. It was this horse that showed her how effective therapeutic horsemanship is and started her desire to pursue a career in the EAS field. She soon started volunteering at a therapeutic riding stable near her hometown in California, where she spent 3 years learning all that she could in addition to clinics/conferences and reading informational books. She then got accepted into the spring 2022 ITC course at Equest and started her journey just two weeks after her 18th birthday. Upon finishing the course and returning home to start her job search, Michaela received a job offer from Equest to be the Equipment Coordinator and Riding Instructor.

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