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How your generosity helps

Any amount helps us achieve our goals

There are many ways to support Equest including a one-time financial donation or monthly recurring donation, horse sponsorship, in-kind donation, corporate giving, auxiliary membershipevent sponsorship opportunities, or join our prestigious Triple Crown Society. Learn more below about each way to give, and how your donation is spent.


Who your generosity helps


Who your generosity helps

Meet our clients whose lives you are changing by making a donation to Equest.

Corporate Giving & Matching


Does your company or organization support employee matching or charitable giving?

Here are a few opportunities for corporations and organizations to get involved:

  • Become a title sponsor for one of our annual fundraising events
  • Provide a year's worth of care for one of our famous Equest therapy horses
  • Sponsor Equest's printed materials 
  • Sponsor the costs for specific needs such as:
    • Special equipment vital to therapeutic work
    • Training materials used during Equest Volunteer Training
    • Safety gear used during riding sessions

Underwrite our program services for an Equest Rider, or let us tailor a specific program to your company's budget and philanthropic needs. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss potential sponsorship possibilities.

For more information, please contact Christine Volkmer at (972) 512-1099, ext. 227 or

Shop for a Cause

Support Equest when you shop using Amazon Smile, Kroger Community Rewards Program, and TomThumb Good Neighbor Program.

    Do you work for one of the companies below?

    Talk with your employer about charity matching opportunities. The companies listed below offer matching for their employees' charity of choice. View the complete list here.

    • Allstate
    • Apple
    • AT&T
    • Atetna
    • Bank of America
    • Boeing
    • BP (British Petroleum)
    • ConocoPhillips
    • Dell
    • ExxonMobil
    • General Electric
    • H&R Block
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • Microsoft
    • Nordstrom
    • Oracle
    • Outerwall (Coinstar/Redbox)
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation
    • PepsiCo
    • Pfizer Inc.
    • Procter & Gamble Fund
    • Progressive Insurance Foundation
    • Quantum Corporation
    • RealNetworks, Inc.
    • Sephora Service Corps
    • Shell Oil Company
    • Soros Fund Management
    • Southwest Airlines
    • Sprint Corp.
    • Starbucks
    • State Farm Companies Foundation
    • State Street Corporation
    • SYSCO Corporation
    • Texas Instruments
    • Time Warner and Subsidiaries
    • Union Pacific
    • United Postal Service
    • USAA
    • Valero
    • Verizon
    • Washington Mutual
    • Wells Fargo
    • Xerox
    • Yahoo!

    Join an Equest auxiliary


    Equest heavily relies on our Women's Auxiliary for branding, fundraising, and throwing one of the biggest events of the year. Joining an auxiliary is a great way to support Equest, and make some new friends along the way. 

     The annual Women's Auxiliary Luncheon and Fashion Show benefitting Equest's programs.

    The annual Women's Auxiliary Luncheon and Fashion Show benefitting Equest's programs.

    Women's Auxiliary

    The Equest Women's Auxiliary (WAUX) was founded in 1986 by Louise Griffeth with the purpose of supporting and promoting Equest.

    WAUX operates as a separate entity, with their own bylaws, board of directors, and bank accounts, but are subject to Equest's policies and bylaws as well.

    What began as a small group of women with good intentions of providing support to Equest has grown into an Auxiliary with a membership of over 250 women, and a signature event that in the last few years in particular, has surpassed its prior year event total by double digits. Each Fall, the Women's Auxiliary Luncheon and Style Show is chaired by a prominent leader in the Dallas community.

    In 2000, the board of the Equest Women's Auxiliary, in honor of its founder who has championed the cause of Equest since its inception, created the Louise Griffeth Award for Community Service. This award recognizes an individual for their vision, commitment and leadership in the community.

    The Membership commitments to Equest Women’s Auxiliary are:

    • General Membership: $45 annually
    • Patron Membership : $100 annually
    • Lifetime Membership: $1,000 one-time fee

    In-kind donations

    If you would like to donate one or some of the items below, please have it mailed to or drop it off at Equest's Texas Horse Park location - 811 Pemberton Hill Road, Building 4, Dallas, TX 75217. Tax memorandums are available upon request.

    Equine Supplies

    Smart Paks

    Valley Vet Supply gift card

    Farrier $100 donation

    Vet care, i.e. shots $180 donation

    Dewormer $60 donation

    Grooming brushes: Curry comb, grooming brush, mane & tail brush, and body brush

    Feed a horse for a month $100 donation

    Feed a horse for a year $1,200 donation

    Horse treats - any flavor


    Equine dietary supplements: Aloe Vera, Corta Flex, MSM, Biotin, Platinum

    Pyranha Fly Repellent bands 


    Office Supplies

    Clear bins, all sizes

    Copy paper


    Paper towels

    Toilet paper

    Storage cabinets for Hippo supplies

    Storage units

    Craft supplies

    Markers, crayons, etc.

    Name tags

    Office Max gift card

    Staples gift card

    Office Depot gift card

    Costco gift card

    Horse Tack & Equipment

    Dover Saddlery gift card

    View our Dover Saddlery Wish List

    Teskey's Saddle Shop gift card

    Riding Helmets (must be ASTM-SEI approved for equestrian sports)

    XL Dressage saddle (contact Joan Cutler)

    All Purpose saddle (contact Joan Cutler)

    Stirrup leathers (leather, all lengths)

    Children's ultimate-adjust stirrup leathers

    Everyday Dressage stirrup leathers, black

    Peacock stirrups, small or medium

    Extra peacock rubber bands

    “S”-shaped safety stirrups

    Rainbow reins: Cotton, all lengths

    Ladder reins

    Ultra ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls

    Dressage girths 26-34

    Leather English bridle full size

    Leather English bridle pony size

    6 foot cotton lead rope

    Portable saddle rack

    Hay bags

    Teaching Aids

    TraFik Signs and Sportime Dome-N- Post Set (available at Abilitations)

    Giant Beanbag Board (available at Abilitations)

    Frogpockets (1# replacement beanbag frogs and 6 Lily Pads) (available at Abilitations)

    Plastic Mounting Blocks

    Horsemens pride jump blocks – 4


    Stable Supplies

    ULINE Cantilevel Racks (model no. H-3846)

    Push Brooms

    Corn Brooms

    Muck Buckets (Blue or Green) ($18.00 @Gebos, Tractors Supply, feed stores)

    Apple Pickers Dura Forks ($20.00 @Gebos, Tractor Supply, Feed Stores)

    Heavy-duty wheel barrel


    Human first aid supplies

    Machinery & Tools

    Tool shed

    Storage shed

    Power Tools (drill, saws)

    Hand Tools (adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches, screwdrivers set, hammers, level, lacksaw, wood saw, etc)

    12 foot ladders

    Garden fork


    Wal-Mart gift card

    Home Depot gift card

    Tractor Supply gift card

    Mission Wall 2018 Gala.JPG

    Did you know that our 36 horses require:

    • Farrier services every six weeks - it costs about $80 per set of front shoes per horse. That's over $23,000 per year just for shoes!
    • A horse drinks five to 10 gallons of water per day. That's between 180 and 360 gallons of water per day for our therapy herd - even more in the summer!
    • Many of our therapy horses need additional supplements to keep them strong and in tip-top shape. Their supplements average about $35 per month per horse - that's $420 per horse each year!

    Your contributions to the Carrot Club help us offset the cost of maintaining a healthy herd, which in turn, let's us allocate more money to client scholarships and services.


    Carrot Club donations presented at Equest special events = Prizes!

    Bring your Carrot Club donation to the Spring Horse Show, Ridefest, Jingle & Mingle or Special Olympics, and go home with Carrot Club love in your heart and something special from Equest.

    $25 donation: Your name on one horse's carrot

    $50 donation: Your name on two horses' carrots

    $100 donation: Your name on four horses' carrots

    $250 donation: Your name on 10 horses' carrots

    $500 donation: Your name on 20 horses' carrots

    $1,000 donation: Your name on all of the carrots

    Carrot Club Wall.JPG

    The Carrot Club contributes to the health and happiness of our special therapy horses, and all money raised will go directly to horse care.

    With each level of giving, your name will be added to the carrot of your favorite horse displayed in the barn. Individuals, families, school or scout groups, clubs and organizations are all welcome to participate!

    Each year, during our program special events like the Spring Horse Show, Ridefest, Jingle & Mingle, and Special Olympics, attendees who make a Carrot Club contribution will be awarded prizes based on their level of support.

    How does it work?

    Carrot Club donations can be made year-round. Each gift is acknowledged by placing the giver’s name on the carrot(s) that represents their favorite horse(s) for one year. 

    1. Make a donation online via this link.
    2. Be sure to check the boxes of the horses* whose carrots you would like your name, your organization's name, or your memorial/honorarium donation to appear on.
    3. An Equest staff member will put your name on the appropriate carrots within one week of the donation.
    4. Find your name on the carrot! 

    If you make your donation during one of Equest's special program events, you'll also be awarded Carrot Club swag based on your donation level.

    *Every $25 donation gets your name on one horse's carrot

    The Carrot Club is a wonderful way to honor a friend, child, client in the program, volunteer, or to enjoy yourself. It provides great joy to someone when they see their name on a carrot! It is also fun for children who are learning the art of giving. The money they donate (individually or as part of a class or scout group) to the Carrot Club can be designated to one or more horses, and they get to see their name on the horse’s carrot in the barn. Ways to “earn” money might include:

    • Saving part of their allowance
    • Earning chore money
    • Proceeds from lemonade or cookie sales
    • Reading a certain amount or making good grades

    Equest's Carrot Club

    Summer Reading Program

    School is out but reading is always in - especially when it helps our horses! We invite you to join our new program: Equest's Carrot Club Reading Program.

    As part of the Equest Carrot Club, we have launched a new summer reading program that will help raise funds for horse care at Equest while enhancing your literacy skills! This is a fun, simple way to engage in reading, while giving back to your favorite horse at Equest. 
    Here’s how it works: 

    1. Ask family and friends to sponsor your reading progress. For example, your Uncle Ed pledges to pay $5.00 for every book you complete. Or, your grandma pledges $1 for every hour you read. Or, your neighbor pledges $0.25 for every page you read.
    2. Pick your book(s).
    3. Read! 
    4. Track your reading progress by the number of books, pages, or hours of reading completed. You can use our handy dandy reading tracker available hereYou are free to pick your reading value levels!
    5. Complete your reading tracker (available here) as you read, and collect the money your sponsors pledged at the end of each month.
    6. Turn in your tracking sheet and donations to Equest by dropping off in-person at 811 Pemberton Hill Road, Building 4, Dallas 75217 or by mailing to PO Box 171779, Dallas 75217. Please include the name of the horse(s) whose carrot you would like your name to appear.

    We will then place your name on the horse's carrot that you selected!
    We appreciate your support! Have fun reading all summer!