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ELEAD packages include:

  • Half-day ELEAD at Texas Horse Park for up to 16 participants    $3500
  • Full-day ELEAD at Texas Horse Park for up to 25 participants     $5000

Reduced prices are available for nonprofit groups and organizations. To take action call Christine Volkmer, Director of Development, at 214-794-5498, or email cvolkmer@equest.org.

Equest's Leadership through Equine Assisted Development

Unbridle leadership and team potential through customized experiential learning that makes an immediate difference.

ELEAD designs and facilitates interactive experiences with horses to unlock your strengths, and uncover practical opportunities for improving. Take advantage of a unique solution for unleashing people’s talent regardless of their role or position.

Traditional classroom programs, online classes, and technology-enhanced training often fail to apply the self-discoveries that complete the learning cycle.

A half-day or full-day of professional development is designed specifically for you at the Texas Horse Park in Dallas. Capitalize on eye-opening and motivational experiences with horses. Practical insights and self-correcting actions are revealed.  Would you like to

  • Develop self-awareness and the power of centeredness?
  • Discover the impact of non-verbal communication?
  • Experience solution-oriented collaboration?
  • Uncover fear-based patterns and habits?
  • Identify and set healthy boundaries?
  • Build trust and self-confidence?
  • Reduce and cope with stress?

Interacting with horses demands full attention, active listening, and observation. Horses will reflect the inner landscape of the individual or team in a non-judgmental way. Our professionals guide participants to discover multiple applications of their learning, which reinforces the experience for lasting impact. 

Jeff Hensley, Equest's director of clinical and veteran services and Licensed Professional Counselor (MS, LPC), directs ELEAD.  ELEAD is facilitated by Susannah Denney, a certified equine specialist in mental health and learning, who guides with professional experience in leadership, management, and collaborative/human behaviors using the beloved Equest horse herd

Equest also offers extended services in partnership with Dr. Tom Boldrey, Ed.D. Tom’s deep expertise with many assessment instruments, including HBDI, MBTI, and SDI, integrated with expertly guided experiences with horses, optimize learning outcomes. Bundled pricing available upon request.

Want a way to stretch as a leader? ELEAD™ helped us get in touch with the unspoken ways we communicate, and get centered on how to best motivate ourselves and our team. I highly recommend it for your next team offsite.
— Carol Goglia, Communities Foundation of Texas, April 2016