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Equine Specialist in Mental Health & Learning

Equest will be hosting a PATH Intl Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning Workshop and Skills test from Friday, March 17 to Monday, March 20, 2023. 

Mental Health Evaluator: Hallie Sheade

Equine Specialist Evaluator: Sandy Webster

Registration Deadline is Wednesday, February 15th, 2023

Please send the completed registration form to








A PATH Intl. Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL) ensures the safety and well-being of the equine participating in equine-facilitated mental health and learning sessions. She/he serves as the equine expert during equine/human interactions. The ESMHL works with mental health or education providers delivering services, incorporating equines in their practice, within the scope of their profession. An ESMHL must be knowledgeable in horsemanship and understands how to collaborate with a mental health therapist and/or educator to best meet the client’s needs and keep the lesson safe. ESMHLs also have a general knowledge of mental health and education processes.


ESMHLs have a thorough understanding of the ways equine behavior affects human responses and evaluate the role of the equine during the mental health or education sessions they supervise. The ESMHL maintains responsibility for the equine, assesses the equine’s response to any interactions, and prohibits or stops any activity that compromises the well-being of the equine. She/he ensures that equine interactions within the session are safe.

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