With over 40 acres of land, several barns, and multiple riding arenas, Equest engages work groups to help keep the facilities in top shape for our clients and horses while providing an excellent opportunity for groups to have a community day of service.

General Information

Can accommodate groups from two to 200 people, and even more on special occasions.

Geared toward adult volunteers; however, we can customize projects to accommodate students.

Companies should provide proof of liability insurance to prevent Equest from assuming additional insurance expense.

Equest will strive to align projects with group goals and preferences, to the best of its ability and needs.

If the work day includes lunch, food must be provided by the company/group. However, Equest can submit the food order, if needed.

Time Formats

Partial day 2-4 hours with no lunch break

Full day 6-8 hours with a lunch break

Multi-day events

Project examples include

Outdoor and Barn - Tree trimming, trail blazing, fence repair/installation, flower bed installation/maintenance, mowing, weed eating, mucking stalls, power spraying.

Indoor - Envelope addressing and stuffing, mailings, window cleaning, special event preparation and tear down.

One time projects - Painting, building small items such as jumps, sensory course elements, or trail course obstacles.

Special Events – Preparation, set-up and clean-up for Equest annual events.

To learn more about our group volunteer opportunities, please contact Ellie Grant at egrant@equest.org or (972) 412-1099, ext. 211.

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