'tis the season

of giving!

During this new era of masking up and social distancing, Equest has adapted well. And why not? Challenging moments are core to the inspiring work that we do. A gift from you today means that we can continue to change lives through equine facilitated therapy and counseling. A gift from you today keeps our hard-working therapy horses in excellent condition. Your financial support means that Equest will continue to welcome new clients and their families who desperately need our services.

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Joshua was born with spina bifida—a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord do not form properly. Despite his challenges, Joshua is very active, loves the outdoors, and is a huge animal lover. Three years ago, his mother, Lissette, was looking for riding lessons as an outlet for Joshua. When she learned about Equest and enrolled Joshua, she was quickly impressed at how his abilities were highlighted. “Equest has helped us see that there is so much more out there for us,” said Lissette. Joshua now participates in weekly therapeutic riding classes at Equest and enjoys every minute of it!


Equest gives Joshua the opportunity for something different. “It is nice to get away from the doctor’s offices. Finding Equest was a relief for him and for us,” said Lisette.

During the Spring of 2020 when COVID-19 temporarily shut us down, Joshua had to adjust to a routine without Equest. That was a big life change for him. Lissette immediately noticed that Joshua was more anxious, had more tantrums, and felt suffocated. Lissette and Joshua were so grateful when we re-opened. Joshua reconnected with his passion which enabled him to better navigate the chaos of the pandemic.


“When we go to Equest, Joshua can just be himself,” said Lissette. In fact —because of Equest— he now dreams of being a farmer, and his family cannot wait for him to gain independence, forge his path, and fulfill his dreams.


Client Feature- JOSHUA

Four years ago, Austin started riding at Equest when his dad, Brian, learned about Equest's programs through a booth set up at Austin’s school. At first, Austin wasn’t too confident around the horses. Over the years, Austin has grown to become more confident around the horses. “Equest gives Austin an outlet,” said Brian.

Austin reminds his dad multiple times every week about his upcoming therapeutic riding lesson. Every week, the two of them will go to the grocery store the day before Austin’s lesson and buy a 5-pound bag of carrots for the Equest therapy horses. Equest helps Austin push himself and is constantly challenging him to learn new skills.

The personal relationships that Austin has developed at Equest has been a huge part of Austin’s success. Now that Austin’s sister has left for college, it is just Austin and his dad at home. Seeing the instructors, volunteers, and his current mount, Amigo, each week gives Austin something to look forward to.

Four years and countless 5-pound bags of carrots later, Austin is thriving here at Equest. Equest has helped Austin gain confidence in himself and his abilities, and has helped him realize his full potential.


Client Feature- AUSTIN

Pia has been a part of the Equest family since 2014, when she learned about Equest through a colleague. Over the years, Pia obtained a position at Equest as Board Treasurer and continues to serve on the Board of Directors. 

For 6 years now, Pia has played in integral role among Equest's amazing crew of hardworking volunteers. Pia has made an effort to volunteer with nearly every program Equest offers and is especially fond of the carriage-driving classes, stating, "It's almost like being on the horse, you can feel that motion and everything it does to your body."

Some of the most special moments she has had at Equest are when a client has a breakthrough during their lesson, specifically when a client is learning the posting trot, and it all "clicks" for them mentally and physically. 

Pia has been a phenomenal representation of the Equest Board of Directors, volunteers, and not to mention that she is Taco and Cisco's sponsor. 


Volunteer Feature- PIA