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Therapeutic Horsemanship


Our therapeutic riding instructors teach equestrian skills to participants with special physical, cognitive, sensory, learning, social, or emotional needs.

Our instructors work with the riders to participate in a recognized sport, which helps develop independent skills that carry over to their everyday lives. Once they are mounted, many of our riders experience a freedom of motion and ability they simply don’t or can’t enjoy in other aspects of their lives.

Therapeutic Riding

equest-1764 Anne R, Joan Cutler driving.

Therapeutic Carriage Driving provides an opportunity to participate in equine-assisted therapy while “mounted” in a carriage for those with special needs who cannot or do not wish to be mounted on a horse.

Therapeutic Carriage Driving

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Participants gain firsthand experience through sensory immersion into the world of the horse. Focus is on general equine knowledge, horse behavior, communication and social skills as learned from the herd.

Equine Assisted Learning - Schools


Integrates equine-human interaction while providing opportunities to teach critical life skills such as trust, respect, honesty, and communication. The clients are not mounted on a horse, but are working on building relationships with their horse through ground-work.

Equine Assisted Learning - Individuals

equest-1718 Teresa Fishman, Jonah.jpg

Equest hosts the Dallas Police

Department and their Youth Outreach Unit in conjunction with the Dallas Mounted Patrol. The Youth Outreach Unit is a youth crime prevention program that utilizes education to create trust and understanding between police

officers and youth.

Dallas Police Department Youth Outreach Unit

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