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Equest Therapy Horses

Meet our therapy herd of horses. Many are available for sponsorship! By sponsoring an Equest therapy horse, for $7,500 for one year as of January 2023, you will provide the necessary funds to support the annual cost of a horse's care, including feed, shavings, horseshoes, veterinary care, tack and stall management. Equest Horse Sponsors help offset the required costs to keep our horses in the best possible condition for our mission. Our barn kitties, Hilly and Billy, are sponsored for $500 a year. All supplements for our beloved herd are $50 per month. See those who need your support below!


For more information about sponsoring a horse, please visit our support page, or contact Director of Community Engagement Christine Volkmer at or (972) 412-1099, ext. 227.

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