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reading quest with equest

Equine Assisted Literacy Program

Do your students want to learn about horses?
Would a horse fit in your classroom?

Equest would like to visit your school with our mini horse ambassadors to encourage students to read!

*This program is targeted for 1st and 2nd grade readers*

Check out the video from Ch 5 news on our program!

Ranger Reading.jpg

How Our Literacy Program Works

  • Equest will visit your school with 2 miniature horses to introduce the program.

  • Each student will be presented with an informational book about horses.

  • The miniature horses will become the students' pen pals and send a letter each week for 4 weeks to encourage the students to work on their reading skills.

  • Each pen pal letter will present a horse-related theme and include worksheets.

  • Interactions with the horses promote enthusiasm towards reading skills, confidence among their peers, and a caring relationship with an animal.

  • Targeted literacy skills may include:

    • Identifying nouns, verbs, and adjectives​

    • Rhyming

    • Increasing Vocabulary

    • Capitalization

    • Initial/Final sounds

After the 4-week curriculum is completed in the classroom, the students will take a field trip to Equest! The 2-hour visit will include hands-on unmounted activities with the horses and a craft project. The visit culminates with the students demonstrating their reading skills by reading their books to the horses.

Literacy Program Fees

$250 for school visit


*The student fee includes the book, field trip supplies, and curriculum*

To learn more and receive information about our Literacy Program, please contact:

Kim Burris

(972) 412-1099 ext. 220

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