MySweetWishList: Equest

This article, authored by Equest CEO Lili Kellogg, originally appeared in My Sweet Charity on December 16, 2016.

“Our wish at Equest this holiday season is to help more people like Katelin Beyer make the impossible, possible.

“Katelin is a bright and bubbly 20-year-old, who suffered a traumatic brain injury and stroke from a car accident. After being in a coma for 2 weeks, ICU for 21 days, enduring over 21 surgeries on her head alone, followed by two years of stays in multiple rehabilitation centers, her therapists and doctors told her that she would never walk again.

“Katelin’s family discovered Equest, and after a year of hippotherapy and hard work with her Equest therapist and favorite horse, Bounce, Katelin is walking.

“This is just one of many success stories Equest has seen over the 35 years as an organization. This holiday season please consider participating in our ‘Gift of the Horse’ campaign to help continue to change lives like Katelin’s. Equest’s equine facilitated therapy and horsemanship programs are provided to over 1,200 children and adults with disabilities and Veterans who have served our country.

“Give the ‘Gift of a Horse’ in honor of or as a gift to someone you love this holiday season, and help make the impossible possible!

“$5,000 gives the Gift of Strength and provides for a therapy horse for a year.

“$2,500 gives the Gift of Independence and covers one semester of program expenses for a client.

“$1,000 gives the Gift of Wellness and provides a semester of counseling for a veteran or their family member

“$500 gives the Gift of Confidence and provides safety equipment for our clients.

“$250 gives the Gift of Education to local school children through the Equine Facilitated Learning program.

“$100 gives the Gift of Improved Health and provides a therapist for an occupational therapy session.

“$50 gives the Gift of Nourishment and feeds four therapy horses for a week. 

“To learn more about Equest and give a ‘Gift of the Horse’ please visit,”

CJ Bankhead