Wednesday's Child: 14-year-old Jordan

This article was originally published by WFAA ABC Channel 8 on January 11, 2017.

It's been said the horse is a mirror to your soul. For 14 year-old Jordan, this is true in so many ways.

Wednesday's Child has learned first-hand that horses heal. And perhaps in Jordan's case, they'll also lead to her Forever Family.

"Sometimes I guess God does things for a reason,” Jordan said. 

14 year-old Jordan says she knows God has a plan for her. It doesn't happen with most volunteers, but when the teen works with horses at EQUEST in Wylie, workers say she has a special gift to calm and even put them to sleep.

"I don’t know. I guess I’m called the Horse whisperer,” she said with a huge smile.

When asked what kind of energy the horses pick up from her, Jordan does not hesitate.

“Love and caring," she says.

Jordan has a heart full of love despite being set aside by her biological mother and father.

"She (mother) didn't accept me a lot. She never really accepted me with her. I felt really bad for her a lot," she said.

Having spent the last ten years in and out of foster care, Jordan has shown remarkable resilience and courage. She is very smart and likes to joke with people and have fun.

"I've been to a lot of foster homes who say I keep everybody smiling even when they're down," she said with her brilliant smile.

Jordan doesn't have a family in her life but she's not alone. Her CPS caseworker never stops fighting for her.
"Her name is Ronda Paddack, and she means a lot to me because she's actually tried to get me in a home," she said.

Horses have taught Jordan about honesty and not fearing the unknown like whether she'll ever find the forever family she longs for.

I want to actually figure out how it feels to be in a loving home. And so I can actually have parents come to my graduation and my wedding and stuff.
— Jordan

Jordan looks forward to the day loving parents give her a second chance to be a daughter.

CJ Bankhead