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Equest's Pegasus Club

The Pegasus Club is a monthly giving program

that will help Equest soar to new heights!

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Monthly donors help sustain the foundation of Equest so that our clients and their families can continue to count on us. As the story goes, wherever the mythical flying horse, Pegasus, touched ground, springs of inspiration were unleashed.  Your gift is like the hoof of Pegasus touching ground every month to inspire hope, strength, and the joy of continuous impact at Equest.


"By making monthly gifts to Equest, I feel I have joined a special group of people who can participate year-round in this transformational therapy work to provide affordable equine therapy to children and adults and contribute to the daily feed, water and farrier care of the horses.  Setting up a recurring monthly donation helps me manage my budget, eases my to-do list, and allows Equest to focus their full attention on the clients." 

-Teri Isaacs


Monthly giving is easy, secure and affordable and makes so much possible at Equest – like hay, horseshoes, client scholarships, competition fees, veterinary care, client smiles, first steps taken, first words spoken, and the quiet tear shed by a proud parent watching a child thrive, or the spouse of a veteran feeling hopeful again. Every donation has impact!

thank you for caring, stepping into the pegasus ring of supporters, and for making a difference!

helping equest soar to new heights:

Martin Azola

Barbara Barton

Carol Chamberlin

Cordelia Cottingim

Wynne Cunningham

Madason Dvorak
Gina Howington-Mantsch
Teri Isaacs

Susan Liepins

Tricia Morra

Angela Neville

Melinda Rathke

JJ Salinas

Kimberly Senior
Terrence & Carolyn Stone

Disabled American Veterans

Elizabeth Lynn Winstead
Gregory Williams
Margaret Wolf

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