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saturday, october 23
festival: 10:00am - 2:00pm

RideFest is Equest's annual event that focuses on our clients and raises support for the therapy horses who provide the important physical, cognitive, emotional, and social improvements that change our client's lives.

This year's theme is Jurassic Fest! The One-Day event will resemble a small Fall Festival. With your help, we can make this a fun and successful day for our clients.

Festival Details:

Saturday, October 23, 2021

at Texas Horse Park

811 Pemberton Hill Road

Dallas, TX  75217

In the case of inclement weather, mounted activites and games will take place in the Ol' Red Arena during your assigned trail ride time.

What Team Will You Join?

Team Long Neck
Team Leader: Amy

brontosaurus transparent.png

Team Velociraptors
Team Leader: Laura

velociraptor transparent.png

Team Pterodactyls
Team Leader: Kim

pterodactyl transparent.png

Team Stegosaurus
Team Leader: Boozie and Courtney

stegosaurus transparent.png

Team Triceratops
Team Leader: Sarina

triceratops transparent.png

Team T-Rex
Team Leader: Joan

trex transparent_edited.png

Team Mosasaurus
Team Leader: Leilani

mosasaurus transparent.png

Team Ankylosaurus
Team Leader: Barn Crew

ankylosaurus transparent.png

Team Spinosaurus
Team Leader: Randy


Volunteer at RideFest!

Would you like to volunteer at RideFest?!


Click the button below to volunteer with RideFest games and activities. If you prefer to lead or sidewalk, opportunities for trained volunteers are available as well. 


Contact Ellie Grant at, or Barbara Beach at if you are interested or with any questions.

Become a Sponsor!

We have several different sponsorship and underwriting opportunities:

The Great Valley - $10,000 Presenting Sponsor (one available)

  • Exclusive Naming Rights in all collateral, website, social media, and t-shirts

  • Company representatives to be honorary chairpeople and award presenters during the RideFest ceremony; present fundraising awards to client and volunteer fundraisers

  • A visit to your company's office by TWO of our miniature horse ambassadors

  • Social media post

Indominous Rex - $5,000 (Entertainment Sponsor)

  • Name and logo on all collateral, website, social media, and t-shirts

  • Day of event company representatives to cheer on the winners

  • Company name on carnival/activity or event

  • Social media post

Yoshi's Island - $2,500 (Food Sponsor)

  • Name or logo on all collateral, website, social media, and t-shirts

  • Social media post

Dino, Fred's Best Friend - $1,000

  • Name or logo on collateral, website, social media, and t-shirts

  • Social media post

Lovable Littlefoot - $500

  • Name or logo on t-shirts

Choose Your Own Adventure : Make a donation in any amount.

Companies who contribute over $500 will appear on the t-shirt.

For more sponsorship information, please visit or email Jacquie Maddox, Director of Development, at or 972-412-1099, ext. 205.

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Check out some photos from our RideFest Committee Kickoff!