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Dedicated to the men and women in our lives currently serving or who have served

in our military forces.

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Joe M. Dealey

May 4, 1942 - May 4, 1946

Thank you for your service and example of patriotism for our country! 

Pamela Dealey Petty and Michael C Petty

1st LT. Willard Balch

1949 - 1954

Your three sons and four grandsons are a testament to your dedication and service to America. We value the freedom and liberty you fought for. 

With love,

Burton, Blane & Byron Balch

Cozewith brothers

Arthur Cozewith  1942-1945
Herman Cozcewith  1918-1919
Bernard Cozewith  1945-1947

You are the men that fought for our American freedoms. Your love and service gave your children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren lives of liberty and prosperity. We remember and are grateful.

The Cozewith Families


Served: 1961 - 1989

Award(s): Navy Cross

First Lieutenant Ebbert's daring initiative, indomitable fighting spirit, and loyal devotion to duty at great personal risk reflected great credit upon himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

"God Bless America's Sheepdogs"

Patrick E. Haggerty

Served: 1942 - 1945

In 1942 Patrick E. Haggerty became a reserve officer in the U. S. Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics, rising to the rank of Lieutenant. During the latter war years, he was head of the Bureau's Electronics Production branch, which was responsible for the production of all airborne electronic equipment.

1st LT Joseph Mark Lauinger

Served: 1968 - KIA January 8, 1970

1st Lt Lauinger served as the Scout Platoon Leader with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 69th Armor, 4th Infantry Division. 

He was a beloved son, brother, uncle, godfather, classmate, soldier, soulmate, and best friend to many. He was fun-loving, gregarious, witty, funny, resilient; he had great strength of character, personal integrity; always a proper bloke in the long run. 

Awarded: Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart

Georgetown '67 - Chime - 7.5.45 Tulsa, OK

"I’ll look for you if I’m ever back this way…”  

Col. Patrick J Wempe

Col Patrick J Wempe currently serves as Command Inspector General, US Army Forces Command.  He has had a storied career in Military Intelligence and Special Forces, holding various Company / Battalion / Brigade commands in his nearly 30 years of service.  

Col Wempe is the father of three accomplished daughters and is a steadfast husband to his wife Julie, who has commanded the family home with equal efficacy.  We should all sleep better at night knowing he’s “on the job”!    He’s my big brother and hero - thank you “Squeaks” for your service!


Carolyn Anderson, Managing Director 

CrossFirst Private Bank, Dallas 


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Herman Cozcewith


A Russian immigrant who fought for his adopted country as a private in the 329th Supply Company. We are Americans because of you.

Harley Cozewith, Sarah Cozewith and

Amy Giddon

Arthur Cozewith

1942 - 1945

WWII Veteran who fought for our country and fought for Veteran's rights. We follow your example.    -With Love, The Cozewith and Spitzer Families, and his loving wife, Beatrice

Cpl. George Van

1927 - 1990

Beloved grandfather of Lanee Gray.

A man of courage, honor and steadfast values.

Semper Fi! 

Honoring Our Fathers

Irvin Edwin Polega
United States Army

12.2.1942 - 12.28.1945

Frank Tull Rice
United States Navy

8.5.1942 - 1.8.1946

With love, Bernie and Lili

Jack Goebel

1943 - 1952

US Airforce

Roll Call

Jack Goebel, USAF

Volkmer Family

David Golush Gordon

1942 - 1944

US Army

Roll Call

Jack Goebel, USAF

Volkmer Family

Joseph Anibal Irizarry

1966 - 1969

US Marines

Roll Call

Jack Goebel, USAF

Volkmer Family

Kern Phillips Pitts

1944 - 1974

US Army & POW

Roll Call

Jack Goebel, USAF

Volkmer Family




Roll Call

Jack Goebel, USAF

Volkmer Family




Roll Call

Jack Goebel, USAF

Volkmer Family

Nuel E. Blythe, LCDR

1920 - 1952

United States Navy (Ret.)

Harry D. Pierce, 2nd Lt.

1943 - 1945

US Army Air Corps

Bernard I. Cozewith

1945 - 1947
Unites States Army




Dennis D "Sgt. D" Dalessandro

1962 - 1970

US Marine Corps




CDR Michael "Storm" Norman

1986 - 2002

United States Navy

roll call

Florio Abbate | US Army | 1967 - 1969

Martha Lloren's | Army/Navy | 1977 - 2003

Roy Sands | Marine Corps | 1990 - 1997

Gary Orlando | US Army | 1969 - 1972

Grady M. Lackey | US Army |1960 - 1966

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